Ever felt as if work is a battle? The Duel is about starting something, generating energy through creative conflict and yet ultimately finding some kind of a solution.


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Face Off - "Something needs to happen and it needs to happen right now!"
1:00 - 2:25

My life was in turmoil when I recorded this, change was imminent and necessary and the title of the session reflects more about what I was doing at the time than anything the music is doing! Having said that, this session was a considered attempt at delivering a piano track built to accomodate one if not two voices on top of it. In Eminor, the session was written with a guitar in mind

Sizing Each Other Up
2:25 - 8:30

I look forward to taking this session to a real orchestra - I think it will sound amazing. Having established the string and piano combination, the session continues to develop with what is supposed to sound like a guitar but is unlike any guitar voice I've ever heard! It is the hypnotic intensity of these parts of the session that help me lock down an idea or a concept when I am working on it. Its almost like the music sits in the background and creates this space which allows me to completely focus on the screen or the idea. Also great for brainstorming sessions with groups, the shifts in the music can shift the mood of the group encouraging new thinking - and yes - I have used this during Corporate brainstorms.

The Winner
8:30 min

Winning is an intangible concept when you're not concerned with scoring points for a team or crossing a real finish line first. Everbody's values are so different that success is totally dependent upon whether you think you won or not! The Duel examines the relationships between different voices; identifying conflict, leaving space for each voice to breathe, sometimes clicking together perfectly, sometimes missing, but always there, moving forward.

I find the solo piano transition into the final organ voice funny in that, it really shouldn't be there! The final theme is very hopeful to me, it always leaves me in a quietly optimistic and pensive state of mind. Balance is essential, especially after an intense bought of creativity. The opportunity to relax and think about what has just been achieved is very welcome as the final few minutes of the session gently and comfortably come to an end.

Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation

May is National Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome awareness month. music2work2 will be donating all net proceeds from the sale of The Duel during the month of May to The Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation . All of the music on this album was written while I working at EDNF, The Duel seems such an appropriate title as the experience of having EDS often feels like a battle. Please take a minute to visit the EDNF website and do what you can to raise awareness of this little known but often devastating disorder.

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