A favorite for document production and creative thinking. Varying tempos and themes encourage the flow of of ideas towards a triumphant finish!.


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You know the feeling when you are pushing the boundaries? When you are trying on new things and they are all working, when everything is going right and the future just looks amazing? That is this track, it is about manifesting, spending what you have and actually building and growing. There is a constant movement to the session, voices trying out new things, there is a lot of energy, themes are developed quickly and change happens. It's an early piece of music2work2 so there is no beat track - the energy and movement comes from the combination of different ideas and different voices.

This is great music to have on while you are doing a hundred different things at the same time: say 24 tabs open in Firefox and another 15 inside Chrome - 10 tabs inside Dreamweaver and 13 different images in Photoshop, Word and Notepad, Tweetdeck and Skype - and you're using them all. It's not about pumping you full of energy - it's about how you spend your energy- how you flow. I love the image from Lacie Babenco that goes with this track - it's the expression on her face and the words she has on the image page - everyone brings their own perspective to art - for me - the image makes me smile and the words are terribly familiar.

I remember being in a really great place when I recorded the track in 2003 (on the twelfth of December!). I had taken a two week break from the keyboard having just made a breakthrough with Wendi's Theme, I was excited to be playing and eager to hear what came out. The final theme of the session comes out loud and clear and is another one that will be developed over time.

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