Short, delicate piece written for strings and piano that gave me hope


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Follow Your Dreams – that’s what they say. Move to Los Angeles, become a Rock Star – or not. Choose to study, to practice - to the detriment of the normal niceties that are supposed to accompany a life. Everybody has their own journey and no-one’s is the same...

I live in terror of not being good enough, of being the delusional incompetent who has spent his time unwisely and probably selfishly in pursuit of something that was never going to be. I suspect that every creative lives with this, although I’m pretty sure that people like B.B King or Paul McCartney don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.

This piece had something in it that allowed me to continue; to believe that if I just worked hard enough and long enough, that everything would be OK. It’s not really music2work2, more of a marker on the way to what music2work2 would become, but it gave me hope at a very dark time and for that – I called it Beautiful.

The photo is my beautiful wife - Wendi - on our wedding day

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