Heh! I have new tones ;-p

Although the focus right now is developing the strings for Moments of Perfection (new versions coming out every day at the moment,) I’m also finishing off the next release – About the Money. I’ve spent a couple of sessions with Mike working on tones and parts this is where we’re going. I’m super excited about it.

Over the years I have shied away from attempting anything that sounds like a fast string melody as the quality of the tones I’ve been working with have sucked. I think you can get away with long lush synthetic strings, but the minute you try to sound like a real violin – you’d better have decent tones otherwise it just sounds bad.

I love the violin move at 1:22 that takes you into the break – in fact – whenever I listen to it – I can’t stop grinning!

Of course – this has opened a whole host of doors as far as composition goes but I’m kinda stoked.

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