Jake started playing Minecraft back at the beginning of 2011 -- we'd bought the beta in February and he would sit for hours learning the game; it's the creativity that's addictive.

The soundtrack is classic music2work2 -- non-lyrical ambient music from German composer Daniel "C418" Rosenfeld. I reckon if you enjoy working to the Minecraft music -- you'll probably dig music2work2.

Recently I've set up the workspace so that I can play when Jake is building; Saturday night might find him creating some crazy-ass glass walled Jacuzzi that's heated by a subterranean lava flow, and I'll be watching and playing whatever comes out of the ether.

We did look at capturing the Minecraft screen while we were recording the audio but the processor nearly fell out of the PC!

So -- for now -- here's a still of Jake's Jacuzzi and the music it inspired.

I think I'll be making quite a few of these over the years and growing the Minecraft Playlist over on YouTube

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