We’re almost there! Yesterday was spent editing the front end of the piece and we actually now have a final track. The next few days will see some intense listening and final changes will be made to the mix. We will publish next week.

This track will be the last of the piano and two strings approach – now that we have better tones and are composing for real instruments, we’re less involved in the more synthetic orchestral patches you get on a lot of racks – having said that – I do love how this track is beginning to sound.

This is the first 5 minutes and I really like how it sets up the piece. You have this slow start – where the piano is just hitting the same note as if to say – “come on – we’re starting, time to get your head down and focus.” I know – not everybody thinks that their instruments speak to them – but hey... ;-p. The track then moves into an energetic but measured rhythm that – to my ears anyway – creates a platform that blocks out distractions and allows me to focus on the task at hand.

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Image Credit: it's all about the money? by allison.johnston on Flickr.