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Music to Descend in an Airplane

Can't believe it's been so long since we posted on here - amazing how time flies when you're building something!

Now that the first album is out and the associated marketing plan is in place - it's time to refresh and draw on some new music.  I'd been playing with an idea about Music to Descend in an Airplane for a while - actually had a track that I released a few years back but it never really took off (pun totally intended!)

This will be a playlist of 4 tracks - each using the same piano base but with steadily increasing instruments - Cello, Viola, Violins until we have the full piece.  The piano track will be released next week but here's a clip from one of the early Cello passes - I like it!

Music to Grieve to - Acceptance #1

Music to Grieve to - Acceptance #1

So it's all starting to make sense now - in terms of the bigger Album picture.  These two themes seem to work very well together - they're both my Dad - the first is based on a hymn - the second comes from the emotion after his death.

It's his birthday on the 6th - I'll be thinking of him a lot.

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Music to create to - 113 BPM  - 2nd Development

Music to create to - 113 BPM - 2nd Development

There's a huge amount going on behind the scenes - new logo - new catalog - new approach to how we get the music out.  We'll be adding a streaming session in the afternoons and playing with Facebook live streams - might be kinda cool.

This is last year's C Major theme that is coming along nicely - still need to get to grips with it this year but it's sounding pretty good.

Click through to listen to this morning's development...