One of the new music sessions composed while I was with Andrew in LA is now available on the music2work2 web site. Charlotte is, of course, special to me in that it bears my name. It is a beautiful melody consisting of piano and strings. Listening to this piece, many thoughts go through my mind:

I remember my amazement at watching the piece be composed. I think about how wonderful it is to have a friendship you know will last because it is based on mutual respect, understanding, and shared basic beliefs about life.

I also think about the way things work out, whether by accident or as part of some grand scheme - - how an extremely talented musician from Scotland, and a woman from NC with only an appreciation of good music, could possibly end up working together on a project they both believe in,, an online music distribution site.

And, I think about how it is the unlikely events, the unlikely friendships that make life exciting and interesting. I am honored to have this session bear my name