In the near future, we plan to make some changes to the music2work2 web site, make purchasing a download easier and most likely add some photographs so you will know who the human being is composing this beautiful music. We are very excited about what lies ahead for music2work

Our first anniversary is coming up and with it the launch of a newsletter for all of you who have registered on the site. We have some fun, extra features planned, as well. The number of individuals registering on the site continues to increase almost daily. And, the new music being posted is better than ever before.

Tell all your friends and family about music2work2 – background music that can help. We’ve tried it; we work to it and find that it helps us to focus and makes the task we are involved in more pleasant. We can’t promise it will do the same for you, although we feel confident it will, but we can assure you that it is beautiful music wherever it is listened to or however it is used.