In conjunction with attending a meeting in Los Angeles last week, I was able to fly out a few days early and visit with my partner in music2work2 and his wonderful family. Although we have frequent communication, it was good to be able to discuss plans and ideas for music2work2  in person. I love going to LA - life there is such a drastic change from life in rural NC.One of the most enjoyable and very special parts of this visit was being present while Andrew composed some new music sessions. I have always been in awe of the fact that he can sit down at the piano or keyboard and an original composition just flows from his fingertips. Actually watching this take place - hearing the clicking of the metronome guiding the tempo to which he plays, watching his fingers move across the keys producing beautiful chords and melodies - was amazing! I am even more in awe of the talent and creativity he possesses to be able to compose in this way.

The first tracks of several really wonderful new sessions were recorded that night. I can hardly wait to hear the finished products and have them available on the web site for music2work2 fans to hear also. The music just continues to get better and better!