I'm quietly giggling to myself over the title of this piece - because I'm not actually that frustrated anymore. I'm really liking this piece and its development - this morning was a simple piano and string development - I'm not really hearing the string part yet and I'm still dialing in the structure but there is a simplicity about this morning's version that I kind of dig. Check it out:[display_podcast]

On the job hunt front things are looking really good. I'm excited to find that there are plenty of companies out there looking for someone with my talents: leadership, social media, communications skills, etc. What I'm realizing is that I may need to start another blog over at http://andrewmccluskey.com to talk about my experiences with social media - I'd rather keep music2work2 focused on the music - so - another day or so of set up - but we're getting there.

Charlotte is doing a great job over on MySpace - we've started to work down George Winston's friend list; we think that if you dig his music, you'll probably like mine. It's funny - I hadn't heard of George Winston until W told me that my playing reminded her of him; I went and listened and fell in love with Autumn and particularly The Venice Dreamer on Winter into Spring- I was living in Venice, Ca at the time and it seemed to sum things up perfectly.

There are so many changes taking place at the moment - its kinda hard to keep up. This is the new music2work2 blog layout - I need to play with the CSS to get the colors and text right - hopefully by the end of play today - we're also changing all the prices on the music2work2 site so that all sessions are now $0.99. CD's are now available from CDBaby and we are beginning to appear in other online stores like iTunes and Amazon

We recommend that if you're purchasing from the music2work2 site you purchase through mysongstore - you get a better a deal and you're supporting independent artists like me! Thank You.