George Winston One of the music websites where music2work2’s CDs are available is A feature of is that they give you the names of other musicians whose music is similar to your own.

George Winston is listed as a musician similar to music2work2. I really like his music, and I agree that it reminds me of music2work2 sessions. One of George Winston’s songs that is my favorite is “Graceful Ghost.” In fact, I like it so much I had to buy it.

The tempo of this piece is sort of medium/fast; to me it almost has a “ragtime” feel. In light of the tempo, when I first listened to it, I expected it to conjure up feelings of happiness and lightness. However, the image that comes to my mind while listening to this song is of saying goodbye, perhaps to a good friend. It is sort of a bittersweet goodbye, not final in that two friends will never see each other again, but just the sadness that comes from separation from someone you care about and enjoy being with.

It is a lovely melody, and of course, is beautifully performed by George Winston. I really like it a lot. In spite of my above statement as to the image it evokes, it doesn’t leave me with feelings of sadness, more a state of mellowness and contemplation. I definitely recommend checking it out.