Early Piano theme development.


Another one of my favorite pieces of music – written in 2006 when I’d just got my hands on a Triton Extreme. Single voice piano all the way through, nods to Beethoven and Wendi’s theme - I really enjoy working to this one – I’m writing to it right now!

The reason this track is called “Late” is because that’s when it was made; late, late in the evening and into the early morning. Most of music2work2 has been done out of normal “business” hours – whether it’s a music gig or a marketing gig – the day job has enabled me to write, to practice, to be a better musician and marketer and as a result – music2work2 continues to develop.

I like to think that this track is a mix between Gary Vaynerchuk and Malcolm Gladwell; take one part “Outliers”, combine with 1 part “Stop watching fucking Lost!” add an incredibly cool and supportive wife and there you have it – music2work2.

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