Fallen in love again - definitely one of my favorite things to do.

This time it's Lauren Zettler - you can check her out at:

I'm digging the voice - she has this whole Susan Vega / Shawn Colvin / Alanis Morissette / KD Lang / Nanci Griffith thing going on - complete with high register vocal moves that Michael Jackson (may he rest in peace) would recognize. All this is a good thing. She has a seriously nice instrument and sounds like herself. The music is accessible and cleverly delivered, the guitar work particularly tasty - also, you just gotta love a glockenspiel every now and then - listen to Shapes.

The reason I found this music? Back in november of 2008 I came across the following tweet:

Today my wife went to a panel discussion on the economy w/ some world leaders and economic experts. Meanwhile, I bought a glockenspiel.

It struck me as just funny - it paralleled my own experiences and so I started following the author - turns out that Cameron Mizell is a guitar player: he practices, he plays out, he loves his family, he's hipped me to new information and he's made me laugh - he reminds me of Jazz Pianist Noah Baerman who is definitely one of the good guys.. I caught something in his stream recently about going out on the road and had a moment to see what the gig was - which of course led me in turn to Lauren Zettler.

If you like the names referenced at the top then you're probably going to dig Lauren - you get a free download when you join her mailing list - a killer cover version of FleetWood Mac's The Chain - it's very good. otherwise, go buy her two EPs - hell at under $7 each they didn't break the bank and here I am - listening to her music on rotation while I'm writing this!

I love living today and right now I love Lauren Zettler - but in a way that my wife would be ok with ;-p

---------------- Now playing: Lauren Zettler - Persevere