2 themes, piano and strings written for Wendi with thanks to Beethoven .[audio:wendi40strings2.5.mp3 |titles=Wendi at 40 |artists=music2work2]

One of my favorite records growing up was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Variations – his take on Paganini’s Caprice No. 24 in A minor. Originally written for violin, Lloyd Webber created this variation for his brother Julian, a cellist and also a member of a rock band.

The music was cool but the album cover was cooler; it was the electric cable coming out of the cello, the flying V in the background and the 18th century musicians playing 20th century instruments that got me.

I loved the idea that you could go and develop an existing work, that you could build on an idea, take something established and change it radically and yet keep it real; change the lead instrument, change the tempo, change the instrumentation.

A lot of this piece is a development of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata which was the original inspiration behind one of Wendi’s themes (and yes that’s plural – she’s the wife so she has a few.) You’ll hear the original Beethoven theme around 7 minutes or so before it segues out into Wendi’s G Minor theme.

Coming in around 14:30 is Wendi’s other theme – this one was written in our first year together and gave me the courage to continue on with music2work2.

Both themes have yet to be developed to where they are ready for release but they are getting there - hopefully I'll finish them before she hits 50!

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