DrasticJo is the nom de plume of a certain Jody Schneider that we're working with over at Kilted Chaos - she's a singer songwriter with a killer second talent as a graphic artist (that's her artwork over there on the right)- you can check out her sounds and images at the DrasticJo website.

I've been playing with one of her tracks for the last month and have been looking to develop a piece that can accompany her recent acoustic version of Fade and I'm beginning to get somewhere:

[audio:fade-aug23.mp3| titles= Fade Development - August 23, 2010 Development|artists=music2work2 ]

I think I'll continue to work this up throughout the week and see where we get to - it would be nice to have it finished and up on Jo's site before I disappear off to Paris! Heh, heh, heh ;-)