One of the nice things about coming out to see Charlotte is that she has a load of old music2work2 that I haven't listened to for ages; tracks that were being developed that never got finished, me experimenting with different voices etc, etc. I had reminded myself this evening that I wanted to record the noise of the cicadas from the back porch - they are so loud and such a part of the environment that I reckoned they would work nicely as an additional voice in a music2work2 piece.

So - I fired up Audioboo to record the cicadas and just as I started to record - the Dorothy theme came on the stereo - it is a theme I wrote for Wendi's grandmother who passed away a few years back; it has parts for piano, strings, bass and guitar - and while the execution isn't great - I love the idea.

So - I ended up recording the track and book-ending it with cicadas...

Think I'll be re-visiting this one when I get back to LA