I'm thoroughly enjoying the post Christmas gift card euphoria - I love buying music - there's something very noble and rewarding about it. There's a website that I've been digging for a while - Live from Daryl's House -  it has this killer show that captures Daryl Hall and his band - they welcome in a different  artist every other month, hang out and play music.  They cover some of the guest artist's songs and then some of the Hall & Oates classics.  It's all shot and recorded live - the music sounds and feels real - you get a sense of what it is was like to be there - you also get a sense of the musicianship required.  Check out the trailer below:

The episode that turned me onto the show was K.T.Tunstall's  - she was brilliant - check out this version of Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.  The current episode is with a band called Company of Thieves - I'd never heard of them but checked out the show - 30 minutes later I have their EP Ordinary Riches playing through my iTunes and my gift card is $5.99 poorer - 15 tracks too - amazing value!

This is the music business - it is alive and getting better all the time.