I have said before that part of the enjoyment in helping with the marketing of music2work2 is that I get to listen to so many other artists and their music. Some of it is in the same style as music2work2; some of it is totally different.

One of our friends on iSound.com whose sound is much like that of music2work2 is Ballet Mecanique (James Tucker’s solo project.) The piece that I like most is “Hymn #9.” It is piano driven but several other voices are introduced, giving it a full, rich sound. The tempo is rather slow; but the piece as a whole does not seem to have a solemn, sacred feel. It is lovely, melodic music.

I am reminded of music2work2’s Victoria when listening to this piece. I hear several similarities between the two – the tone, tempo, overall feel of the piece. Based on the title, one might also compare Arrival a piece written for the arrival of guests at the church for a wedding, with “Hymn #9.”

Check out Ballet Mecanique and “Hymn #9 on the i.Sound site.