I’m not sure what I expected as far as the music goes from Groovy Star. The name, I suppose, or for whatever reason, I guess I was anticipating loud, screeching, heavy rock music. I was wrong. Groovy Star is one of our friends from iSound.com.

isound.com front page

I like this music. Most of the songs on the iSound page are instrumental; there are a few vocals. Groovy Star is apparently the work of one person, Michael Featherstone. All the songs have a prominent, rhythmic beat, and pretty melody – it is the kind of music that makes you feel good.

There are several pieces that I would say are favorites, such as “Springs,” “Dreaming Droids” but my most favorite piece is “Sundown.” It is a little slower tempo than most of the others but still with the prominent percussion and beautiful melody. It more closely resembles the sound of music2work2. Groovy Star reminds me of “Heath” and “Richard” - they too are songs of medium tempo, lovely melody – uplifting, hopeful, pleasant musical experiences.

If you like pop-rock, electronica music, I suggest you give a listen to Groovy Star. If you're interested in online music, new artists - that kind of thing - also check out http://isound.com - this from their About page:

.: What is iSOUND.COM :. iSOUND.COM is creating the ultimate online music community. Whether you are a fan, a musician or a record label, we are the place to be for all that is music online.