Writing for the different weddings and workshops had opened a door into a new way of creating themes. 2007 was a development of that approach combined with a growing familiarity with the workings of the Korg Triton. Heath, Wendi and Victoria are all two voice pieces where the piano track is recorded first and the string part recorded on top immediately afterward. Emma is a solo piano piece.

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Heath (27:59)[audio:heath2.5.mp3 |titles=Heath |artists=music2work2]
Wendi at 40 (22:52)[audio:wendi40strings2.5.mp3 |titles=Wendi at 40 |artists=music2work2]
Emma's (20:04)[audio:emma2.5.mp3 |titles=Emma |artists=music2work2]
Victoria(7:15)[audio:victoria2.5.mp3 |titles=Victoria |artists=music2work2]

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