Continuing the development around individual personalities - it's ironic that this album starts with a track called Identification.

Identification is a very chilled out string heavy piece, Lally and Emma's Numbers are both solo piano developments and Irene and Marsha both have additional voicings.

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Identification (14:13)[audio:id2.5.mp3 | titles=Identification|artists=music2work2]
Lally (15:21)[audio:lallydev2.5.mp3 | titles=Lally |artists=music2work2]
Emma's Numbers (14:30)[audio:emmasnumbers2.5.mp3 | titles=Emma's Numbers |artists=music2work2]
Irene (13:49)[audio:irene2.5.mp3 | titles=Irene |artists=music2work2]
Marsha (18:56)[audio:marsha2.5.mp3 | titles=Marsha |artists=music2work2]

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