Following on from the early years, I was starting to get the idea of working with people as inspiration for the music: Paul was an attempt to get the strings to feel like a real violin, Vincent was an exercise in how to write a simple solo piano lullaby, Charlotte, Richard and Cassie were all examples of me sitting down and just focusing on the subject with piano tracks then string tracks and then whatever else came to mind!

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Paul (21:44) [audio:paul2.5.mp3 | titles=Paul |artists=music2work2]
Charlotte (10:09) [audio:charlotte2.5.mp3 | titles=Charlotte |artists=music2work2]
Cassie (20:01) [audio:cassie2.5.mp3 | titles=Cassie |artists=music2work2]
Richard (13:52)[audio:ram2.5.mp3 | titles=Richard |artists=music2work2]
Vincent (10:45) [audio:vincent2.5.mp3|titles=Vincent |artists=music2work2]

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