This album covers the years between 2000 and 2005, when the whole idea of music2work2 was starting to take shape. My sister Victoria's wedding drove the initial impetus to produce something tangible - Arrival and the Anam Cara were both played during the ceremony. A little more experimentation and another wedding resulted in the development of Jax's theme. Sexercise was written for a workshop on women's sexual energy - I know - sometimes as musicians we have to make sacrifices for the greater good - and finally, Beautiful came along just when things were at their bleakest.

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Arrival (17:50)[audio:arrival2.5.mp3 |titles=Arrival |artists=music2work2]
Anam Cara (1:28)[audio:anamcara.mp3 |titles=Anam Cara |artists=music2work2]
Jax's Theme(5:27)[audio:jax2.5.mp3 |titles=Jax Wedding theme|artists=music2work2]
Sexercise (30:57)[audio:sexercise2.5.mp3 | titles=Sexercise|artists=music2work2]
Beautiful (2:07)[audio:beautifulmp3.mp3 | titles=Beautiful|artists=music2work2]

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