[audio:137-keys.mp3 | titles=137 Theme Development|artists=music2work2]

I’m actually enjoying the whole practicing thing at the moment – historically I have balked at the thought of sitting down and running through scales and arpeggios but it’s like many things – once you start, so much good stuff begins to manifest that you kick yourself for not doing it earlier.

I’m searching for themes at the moment – playing with different tempos and going with the flow. This particular theme has been emerging over the last couple of days and this morning started to really take shape. Having started in ¾ time and moved through 6/8 time, it is now sitting pretty in 9/8 time and I think feels pretty good.

I like playing in 9/8, particularly in the higher tempos – there’s an inherent movement to the meter – think of Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries and Robert Duvall in a Huey and you get an idea of the kind of emotion that 9 time can deliver.