Piano, Organ, Strings with a renaissance edge


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I used three voices on this track: Piano, Organ and Strings. I have been using organ more and more on the Kelli project and I wanted to see how it would fit into the overall style of this kind of piece. As ever, the piano track goes down first, then the organ and finally the strings. Listening to the tracks afterwards, I then remove what doesn't work. There is an interpretation of one of Wendi's earlier themes tucked into the middle of the piece, which felt fairly appropriate with Wendi being Marsha's daughter.

One of my most visceral memories is of seeing David in Florence. I remember being 18 and not terribly into "Culture" per se - however, the sheer size of the sculpture, the perfection, the human achievement, was enough to change my attitude towards art forever. Legend has it that when they asked Michelangelo how he did it, he replied: "I just removed what wasn't David." I have had that concept in my head for a while now and am actively incorporating it into my approach to creating music. When I look at the finished piece, I use about 30% of the organ track and about 60% of the string track - with apologies to Michelangelo, but: "I just removed what wasn't Marsha!"

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