I've almost let the day go by and haven't written anything yet. I wish I could think of something really interesting to write or something that is amusing or entertaining. But...........unfortunately I don't have that ability.....yet. It would be nice if doing this makes that possible. In trying to get some of the "legalities" taken care of for music2work2, the thing that strikes me most is how unnecessarily difficult agreements and contracts are. It is amazing that all the legal paperwork required in society these days is ever completed properly. I sometimes think the IRS, for instance, makes tax forms and laws as confusing as possible. I don't know if they assume they will come out "to the good" because of it or just what the reasoning is.

Often it is difficult to know which of several different forms is the proper one to use in doing some of this stuff and actually, there is hardly any difference in the forms to start with. For the Copyright registration, not only could it possibly be either of two forms that were correct, but there were also instructions that had to be followed as to how the pages were copied - back to back, top to top.

Life itself is confusing enough without instructions and directions for filing forms, installing a computer program or putting together some "unassembled" item being impossible to understand. Maybe it's just all the brain cells I've lost over the years to anesthesia and medication that makes this kind of thing so difficult for me. Maybe other people don't find it a problem!

Almost made it before the clock struck midnight. Now I guess I'll have to write two times on Wednesday............joy, joy!