Having a partner is definitely a wonderful thing – there are of course many different types of “Partner“ and I am grateful to have one in this endeavor.

At a recent songwriting session in San Clemente, we were discussing the concept of courage, and as far as I understand it – it is the act of doing something, even though you are afraid.

It’s 1:17 in the morning, and I can’t sleep – I didn’t sleep at all last night either. It’s an old trick I use, and I wish I didn’t. There are a billion things running around my head that are stopping me from sleeping – which sucks, because the next day…I’m tired and less able to deal with the things that are keeping me awake...and so the cycle continues.

I’m listening to the development of Wendi’s original theme – hadn’t played it in a long time – I’m feeling very good about the direction music2work2 is moving in. The music is coming along and I am beginning to develop old themes on the Triton – they are coming off very fresh. I am looking forward to multi-tracking – but I took the decision not to upgrade the computer until the Kelli site is launched. I also had a chat today with somebody who recommended I move to Midi – and I completely agree – but I have this “thing” about manuals and technology.

I absolutely admit that I find the whole thing about wave forms, midi channels, and sends and feeds – alarmingly scary – and yet I know I just have to bloody do it – and – all I have to do is just bloody do it – I don’t know what is stopping me – at least, what is stopping me from preparing for it…?

I look at my friend, and she is doing something that she hates doing – and that gives me courage. She is doing it, not shirking it, not coming up with excuses, but actually doing it, I take strength and indeed courage from that.

Thank You!