I'm developing a track for a pregnant couple to help them in their breathing exercises.  I'm working on a target of 6 full breaths a minute - based on 4 inhales and 6 exhales.

I'm playing around with the idea of an ascending melody for the first 4 beats to represent the inhale and then a descending melody on the second 6 beats.

It makes sense mathematically but I'm still working out how to make it sound good musically.  I have tried the breathing and it actually works bloody well - I just need to dial in the music.

The title of the piece reflects a comment from one of the Periscope viewers and I guess the answer is twofold:

1/ It's a development track - so there's going to be some repetition while I dial in the actual theme - but people seem to enjoy listening to the process.  If you're looking for complete tracks then don't watch the development scopes.

2/ music2work2 - unlike most solo piano - is not about being flashy and dominating your attention - the idea is for it to sit in the background with subtle variations of themes.  Particularly with a track like this where you're setting it up as a utility, it needs to have a fair amount of repetition in it in order for the breathers to find the tempo and inhale / exhale cues.

We'll see where it ends up.

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