…it’s like running a marathon and being 10 feet from winning, when the race umpire steps out, kicks you in the balls and moves the finishing line back another 10 miles!

Yep – that has been our experience over the last 6 days.

There’s no real point in taking you through the bad stuff, so we’ll just concentrate on the good:

  • We’re going to be changing recording platform again and this time we’re going to start working with Digital Performer - what this means is that the sound of music2work2 is going to improve dramatically – particularly when it comes to the tones that are generated for the string patches. I’m super excited about this and will be learning the new set up over the next two months.
  • We’re writing music for two movies at the moment – of course you’ve seen the development of the music for Sami Nikki’s Moments of Perfection, but we’re also scoring some cues for the Sam and Terry’s documentary on how democracyis getting shafted.
  • We’re also making some big changes to the YouTube channel, we will be working with a new network and this should have a dramatic effect on our visibility. Both Charlotte and I are incredibly excited about this and we will share everything next week.
  • Finally – with all the nonsense that went on – a new version of Frustration popped out which I will be developing over the next month – in tandem with the other projects – so we’ll have some new music2work2 by the end of September – here’s the rather optimistic ending theme:


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