Well - the music2work2 Blog has been up for a while now as we record how we get this "ball" rolling. Well - after a few months of taking one approach its time for a change. There is an old expression - if it ain't broke don't fix it - well - it's broke - or at least - it isn't working. Both Charlotte and I believe in the music - and we have received great feedback - but we are not generating the visitors, the members and certainly not the sales - lets break this down a little:

1/ - The overall concept of music2work2 - it makes sense - there is evidence to back it up - but people are jut not using the site for it...so - we have our marketing wrong - i.e. - the message is either not getting out there - people are not understanding or believing the message - people are not experiencing the message

2/ - The site layout doesn't cater to the passer by - we need to get music streaming immediately off the home page - this will come in the next few weeks - but we need a much cleaner home page that plays the music and gets across the core message - the current home page needs to be the drop page - more on that later

Finally - this is something that I will continue to develop and push for the rest of my life. It is the music that naturally flows out of me and that I love and enjoy writing and playing. I think the business idea is sound, just got the execution wrong - but hey - I've learned that if you can't see your mistakes and learn from them - ...well...

keep your eyes out on the music2work2.com website over the next month to see the changes

Andrew July 25, 2006