After a few months’ hiatus it’s also time to get cracking again on Moments of Perfection – the next animated movie from director Sami Nikki. This is one of the last developments from November and it’s actually pretty close to where I hear things.

The final challenge is to really tie the strings together in the middle section and the ending – this pass is a little wooden but contains the blueprint of where it’s going.

There is an animatic that is already starting to look amazing but I can’t wait to see the finished movie; SAmi’s unique style is defined by incredible, hand painted imagery that blends together in the trippiest way imaginable – it’s going to be awesome!

The still up there on the right is near the beginning of the story, where a funeral procession makes its way through the forest – Sami recently decided that the river Styx should make an appearance and I love the direction. Click on the image for a larger version.

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