Some days there's just nothing - even if you're half humming a theme in the shower, by the time the finger chops are done there's nothing in the ether - so what to do? This is where the blues come in: [audio:131blues.mp3| titles= Blues at 131 |artists=music2work2 ] Download MP3

I almost gave up the piano - I was 12 and I hated it - Chopin etudes weren't exactly resonating with someone who preferred to play air guitar to Deep Purple's Space Trucking. I was fortunate to have the experience of a truly magical teacher - you know - those life changing ones that - well - they change your life.

Thanks Phil.

When I'm dry - I turn to the blues - it keeps the creative juices flowing, keeps the finger chops up and just occasionally morphs into something fabulous. Today I was just happy to have somewhere to go.