My computer broke last Thursday.... - All my music goes through my computer.

- I spend over 30 hours a week looking at my computer screen - actually - that's a minimum, its probably double that

- this is how I make my living, so when the computer breaks - its a very, very big thing.

My computer had been put together for me by Richard, my brother - 5 years ago. He knows about this stuff and we built the best machine I could afford at the time ($1500:) big server case, loads of fans, fast motherboard, P4, gig of ram - it was fast and it worked, it was the best machine I have ever owned! Thank you Richard.

Its taken 5 days, but I have a new machine, new dual screen set up, new workspace, new capacities - and again; everything works!!!

Looking forward to posting new music - there is new track that Bowser owns - light piano and strings that should be up in the next week or so. I'm off to play.....