One of the things I really like about working with music2work2 is that I get to listen to so many different artists and so many types of music. A MySpace friend of music2work2 whose music I enjoy listening to is Maria DeMaio. Maria & the fellas (as the group is apparently referred to) consist of Maria on vocals/piano and as songwriter, Reid Angwin on guitaz/bass, Mike Giordano on bass/guitaz and Mike Stavitz on drums. Their music is classified as Pop/Folk/Indie.

They have an interesting sound. The six sample songs on their MySpace page combine lovely melodies, lyrics that are personal and often intense, sung in Maria's pretty, clear voice. Her voice and the emotion with which she sings remind me a lot of Sarah McLachlan.

I enjoyed all six songs, especially " Her Side." It is clear why Maria & the fellas have formed a growing fan base in the Boston area and beyond. Their newly released first album is available now.