So its Friday night – its been a crazy week, W is asleep and I know that I need to play – so – before I pull out the wireless card – (don’t ask me why but the wireless card interferes with my nice sound card) I throw out a tweet asking for a number. Spidey replies with 107. I’m stoked – it’s a prime number. I plug it into my metronome and start recording a 107 beats per minute click to freestyle on top of. I do this before I take the card out as I want to write a tweet and say thank you to Spidey and I was still dropping an email to Richard.

Spidey’s interesting: Australian, mum, 3 kids, married, funny. She likes shopping, Vegas, LA, Irish boys, shoes and booze, I think her husband’s a musician – what’s not to like? Anyway, I send my tweet, pull out the wireless card, disable any unnecessary processes (scary amount!) and turn to the Triton.

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I love Australia – I traveled there between school and University 20 years ago. Fly into Melbourne – drive to Surfers – up the coast to Cairns, dive on The Great Barrier Reef (my reason for going) , stay on Magnetic Island, work the milk factories in the suburbs and play piano in the Brisbane Hotel – it was a magical time a magical place and the people were some of the nicest I have met on the planet.

Now – removing the rose tinted spectacles – I’m sure everything is different – but one thing always seems to remain with Aussies – their attitude. It’s different, it’s unique – its not “I can” – it’s more “I know I can” – and sure – in some of them – that can manifest as arrogance – but to the people I have met – it manifests as a confidence. What you get as a result is a take no bullshit – give loads of bullshit approach – which is always fun.

Here’s the piece that was in my head when I was thinking about her. I lost a 10 minute development of it to a bad click track – bummer.

Parts 1, 2 and 3 later on this weekend.