One of our friends on iSOUND.COM is Sharon Drury. Her music is similar to music2work2; it is melodic, piano driven, often with other instruments added.

I particularly like one of the pieces found on her iSound page, "The Passage." It has a rather somber tone but is very lovely. The image this piece evokes for me is of leaving – two people saying “good-bye.” It may be for a short period of time or much longer, but the thought of separation is painful for both.

I suppose leaving someone you care about can be a “passage” of sorts. One can be moving on to a different place, different situation – passing into new growth or a new beginning.

This piece reminds me so much of music2work2’s "The Duel"- - in the somber tone, piano in conjunction with other voices. "The Duel" evokes a similar image for me also – one of struggle in thoughts and feelings; not wanting the person you care about to leave, but knowing it is best for them to do so.

Although the mood of these pieces is rather somber, they are not by any means depressing. Both have a sense of hopefulness about them; that whatever the struggle or passage is, that is the way it should be and best for everyone.

I recommend you check out Sharon Drury’s lovely music as well as that of music2work2. See what sort of images these pieces evoke in you.