Classic music2work2 - pianos, strings, alternating time signatures and themes - oh, and it's long.

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2007 was the year that music2work2 really started to take shape. I was working with a Korg Triton and my recording and mixing chops were getting better. New gear is funny - there is just something about sitting down at a new toy and playing with it - experimenting with what sounds good and what doesn't. As usual the piano track was played first and then subsequent voices recorded on top - you can hear strings, electric pianos and even some funky frequencies as I got deeper into wave forms - Ooooh!

There are a number of different themes going on in this piece - Heath was a guy I met through the Kelli gig - he was a freelance template developer who also happened to be a musician. We collaborated on a couple of things musically but the tech work would get in the way. I learned a lot from Heath including how to manipulate photoshop and how to freestyle on beat tracks - it was fun while it lasted but we eventually went our separate ways.

There's a theme that comes in around 17 minutes - it's called "Andy The Barman" and is a theme that I have promised myself I will develop further. It reflects a particularly bizarre time of my life when I was indeed working a bar in London - strange times but all good grist for the creative mill.

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