Listen to a short clip of Music2Work2’s session Sexercise (aka Ex Er Cise).

This session was composed for an all-women’s workshop on releasing sexual energy. It is rhythmic, slow, with an ethereal sound to it. The piano and strings seem to float together.

This session evokes for me a sense of exploring, growing and stretching, which could be in any aspect of life. The picture that comes to my mind is of an awakening, an unfolding, similar to the way the petals of a flower unfold. Truly exploring any dimension of ones self would need to be done slowly, one layer at a time, until full awareness or awakening is achieved.

This is a lovely piece of music, lasting about 30 minutes. Words I would use to describe it are calming, soothing, sensual and beautiful. The full session can be purchased through the Music2Work2 website.