I heard about muxtape.com yesterday; digital replication of the old mix tape concept - sounds totally weird and anachronistic - but it actually works. The interface is really clean and simple - basic - and you get it. There are hundreds / thousand of muxtapes up there - I reckoned I'd give Justin, the site designer's muxtape a listen. I ended up buying a track at Amazon from a Band I'd never heard of. I think that's amazing - it was so easy - it gives me a huge amount of hope and feeds my enthusiasm for the future. I will be developing my own muxtape soon - Charlotte is looking to create one from the music she has heard on MySpace in the last two years - should be fun! In the meantime - here's my homework from tonight. I promised myself that I would play every day this week - and so far I'm on track - I have been working on Wendi's theme all week and this is as far as it has come:

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