When I think of musicians – when I think of musicians whose music I have heard and fallen in love with – I think of them as melodies – their themes – I don’t really think of them as people at all. Music itself is so much more memorable than the human being behind it – how often have you heard a song that you know and love and yet have forgotten who wrote, sang, performed it etc.?

Music is one weird ass thing

[audio:scarymoviemusic-72210.mp3| titles= Scary Movie Music - July 22, 2010 Development|artists=music2work2 ]

I’ve decided to spend the next few months working up a number of themes that have been developing over the years. Instead of casting around for new ideas – I’m going to focus on polishing the ones I already have.

This piece is called Scary Movie Music and was one of the first music2work2 themes ever developed. It has a load of stories attached to it – and yes - one does involve the murder squad. In my head there are 4 different string parts – a few guitars and a whole bloody brass section – I’d really love to hear what a French horn could do to the melody.

Tonight was the first time I’ve played it in about 6 months and it is a little ropey to say the least. The audio track comes from the midi recording as I buggered the analog track but you should get the idea.

There are two other themes that I have in mind to develop, one from my Andy the Barman days and one for my Mum!

If you're building a music2work2 library - you can download this development using the widget below.