And so we hear the return of Norma - coming back in and spreading a little sanity for everyone. It's been interesting to watch this playlist develop - even as I'm playing it - I'm never really sure what direction it's going to head in.

Having heard the theme pop out during the second session - Insanity - it makes sense that it should come into its own for this piece. The fact that half way through it segues into this really held back blues, makes me smile.

Although the playlist started at 97 beats per minute this session was delivered at 67 bpm - there was a version at 83 but it sucked ;-p

As for the video - well yes - I was feeling all "glowsticky" again and I wanted to play with the images and how they bled into the blue of Kylie's image as well as playing with different hues and tracks. All pretty sophomoric visually - but I'm learning lots.

Image Credit: 202 by Kylie Woon Photography

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