It's been a massively productive month and this new schedule of publishing every Monday is really starting to have an impact. Subscribers are up on the YouTube channel and membership is growing again - hooray!

We've been loving how Kylie's imagery sits with the July 2013 | Create Flow Playlist - it looks really cool and works very well with the music - thanks Kylie.

Next month's playlist is going to focus on the idea of music to write to; Charlotte and I have been hunting for the right (Ha!) image - and here it is:

Music to write to - Create Flow

Click on the image to get a much larger version in Flickr.

The original image comes from photographer Ian Hayhurst. You can see more of Ian's photographs here and the original image before the crop here. Ian has kindly allowed us to use the image and we will be compensating him with a share of digital revenue.

If you're a photographer and you have imagery that evokes the idea of flow and you'd like to see your work associated with this kind of music - please do get in touch.

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