Usually the artist friends of music2work2 from MySpace are the musicians themselves. But, we have a friend named Kristy who is promoting the music of Tim O'Neil. Tim O'Neil is a composer/musician out of Detroit, Michigan. His music is classified as Ambient/Classical/Acoustic. Mr. O'Neil began playing the piano at age 2 1/2 and composing music at age 4. He is proficient in a variety of musical instruments, in addition to the piano.

On Tim O'Neil's own MySpace page, there are six sample pieces. They are all very melodic, beautiful piano pieces. It would be difficult for me to choose a favorite because I enjoy listening to all of them. I especially like "Amelia's Song," "Come to Me," and "Good Night Detroit."

It is easy to understand how Kristy is such a fan of Tim O'Neil's music. I am glad to have found his music and now I am a fan myself.

If you enjoy beautiful piano music, I highly recommend listening to his work.