One of music2work2''s  MySpace friends is Bryan Ingram, composer, performer and producer of Rock/Pop/Alternative music.

He is said to have "conducted symphonies" by Bach, Beethoven, etc. in the living room of his home, as a 3 year old, following this by then playing the same music on the piano by ear.  He studied classical piano from the age of 4 until his teens, and then studied jazz piano.

There are five sample songs on Ingram's MySpace page.  The tunes are melodic; Bryan Ingram's voice is clear and pleasant.  Only one of the songs is instrumental, "Celeres;" it has a whole different sound to it from the other songs.

Listening to Bryan Ingram's music is an enjoyable experience.  I liked all of the songs but my favorite is "In the Air."  Even though the clip was short, I really liked the music in this one.

Ingram has also written music for a variety of television commercials and shows.  His debut EP release "Be That As It May" is available now.

If you like rock music, check him out!