Strings and Piano - written for Paul.


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It’s a crazy information overload world – especially for those of us who live in front a screen. Where do you start: email, internet, tweetdeck, rss feed, facebook or the word document and spreadsheet that you’re supposed to be working on – the telephone rings, a colleague appears – the distractions are endless and procrastination could now be an Olympic sport.

I find that the right kind of music can be critical to me actually starting something and this piece is one of my favorites for that. It starts out so simple and clean, delicate piano, aching string melody – it actually calms me down and helps me decide where I want to focus. But there’s a change at around 10:00 minutes, the energy of the piece just picks up and whether I like it or not, I start typing – it’s great! If I’m lucky, the next time I look up is when the piece is nearing the end.

Written for Paul Ruffin, owner of ECI Networks, a fabulous bass player and all round good guy.

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