Strings and Piano - written for Charlotte.


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So this is Charlotte's session - who knows how this music comes out but I do think of her and smile when I listen to this piece

Two strings based upon three distinct piano themes. I particularly like the third one in 5 / 4 time. The piece could come across as pretty melancholic and dark - when you look at what she has been through - I guess that's appropriate - but there is a certain hope to the piece - lots of positive resolution.

I think for me, one of the things I learned at EDNF and through my friendship with Charlotte is that you can either sit there and complain or you can get up off your butt (if that's physically possible!) and do something. Charlotte and I try to do something every day and together we have taken music2work2 from an idea to a reality. I could not have done it without her and for that I thank her with all my heart.

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