Another musician lists as similar to music2work2 is Nuno Lupi. His music is piano driven and is quite lovely.

My favorite piece of his is “Ballerina.” The tempo is fast and the melody is rhythmic and beautiful.

I suppose because of my love and appreciation of nature, when I listen to music, the images that are evoked for me are often nature-related. Listening to “Ballerina” the image that comes to mind is of the ocean. I can visualize the constant movement of the waves breaking on the shore, and the water more slowly and silently returning back to the sea. This image is evoked from the periods of hesitancy in the music followed by the piano runs.

I find this an uplifting piece of music; there is a sense of hopefulness about it. Due to it’s title, I doubt that Nuno Lupi had this same sort of image in mind while composing this piece. But, that is the wonderful thing about music. It can be heard differently at different times and by different people.

This piece reminds me of music2work2's session 1218. There are similarities between the music of Nuno Lupi and music2work2; was right. You might want to check them out and see if you think so.