Life is kinda bizarre at the moment - I hope I will get to look back and remember these times fondly. So, tomorrow I'm off to San Clemente to write with Kelli.  We're gonna block out 4 hours and try to write a song, it's something we've been doing on and off now for 8 years and is absolutely one of my favorite things on the planet to do.  It reminds me of surfing - I love watching surfers: I love the intent they have as they walk to the beach, I love how they are focused on nothing else but what the Water is doing - as children, our parents would drive us to the coast, and on seeing the first blue/green hue on the horizon we would break out into spontaneous singing of "I can see the Sea, I can see the Sea, I can See the Sea,..." and even though I can't see it - I love the expression on a surfer's face just after catching a good ride.  Songwriting is creating time for something magical to happen.

The second chance of the title refers to a course of action that was offered to a number of musicians by Derek Sivers.  I ducked it - this was a dumb thing to do.