Peter Wolf, one of music2work2 's MySpace friends, is vocalist, guitarist and pianist in the band Supernatural. He is joined by Thomas Kraemer: acoustic & electric guitars, bass, keyboards, computers, production, and Noel White: drums, bass, computers, production. Their music is classified as Pop/Rock/Alternative. Personally, I classify it as "good music." The songs are melodic, and upbeat; Wolf's voice is soft and pleasant.

All four songs available to hear on their MySpace page are from their 2007 released, "Never Give Up." The songs follow a theme of perseverance through life's difficulties and success in overcoming them. The melodies are lovely and beautifully performed; the lyrics gentle and touching.

I really like all four songs; it is impossible for me to chose a favorite. This is the kind of music that lifts your spirits and makes you feel good.

Supernatural is currently working on another album, "Open Arms." Two tracks from this new album have been included in Germany's "NewPop2007" sampler.

I absolutely recommend checking out the music of this talented group; it's terrific music.......and I'm not just crying wolf.